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Things to Know Before You Begin

Welcome to Midstate Electric’s Youth Tour online application process! To qualify, applicants must be either a Sophomore or Junior in high school, live within Midstate Electric Cooperative service territory, and their parent/guardian must have an active membership in their name. Completed applications and all required materials must be submitted by 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

Applicants should carefully review and fill out each step of the online application. 


  • This online application form is intended to guide an applicant step-by-step through the application process.
  • The form requires the applicant to complete each step before moving to the next. However, applicants will be able to go back to previous steps. The application form requires ALL form fields be completed and any documents uploaded before the final application can be submitted. 
  • An unfinished application CANNOT be saved, and any information will be lost if an applicant exits the application form before submitting the final application.
  • Because an applicant cannot save this application form once you begin and before your final application is submitted, applicants are encouraged to gather and prepare any necessary materials and your Midstate Electric account information before starting the application process.

In addition, we recommend applicants draft the essay in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste the text onto the corresponding form field. This gives an applicant the opportunity to review and edit the essay for any spelling or grammatical errors and serve as a fail-safe in the event the application times out and must be restarted. 

If you are ready, click NEXT to get started. GOOD LUCK!

If you would prefer a printable application, please click here. 2023 Youth Tour Application PDF